MPV not coming in application list in KDE


I am trying to install MPV. I am able to use it from the terminal, but I am not able to see it in the applications list, and thus, not able to set file associations for the same.

I tried to follow this post and reinstalled MPV, but it is still not visible in the application list (restart didn’t work too).

Can someone help me on this?

is under the Multimedia group

One thing not mentioned here or the other post, is sometimes you need to reboot get applications to show in the menu.

mpv (not MPV) is a command line program
it won’t be shown in the list of applications AFAIK

There are GUI’s for it (I think) - if you install those, it’ll be in the menu.

Do I have to disagree: I install mpv via pacman or sometimes pamac and it immediately appears in the application menu under the multimedia programs in KDE, GNOME and Xfce.

sudo pacman -S mpv


Indeed - sorry.
You are right.
I never looked before I wrote.
I only ever use it via command line and am used to that since mplayer got essentially replaced by it.

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Nope, it’s not there

I have mentioned in my question that indeed i tried to restart my system post installation, still it is not appearing under application list

Thanks a ton! I had installed (and reinstalled) using pamac, it never appeared in the application list. I ran the command you mentioned, and it’s there!

Have a great weekend ahead! :slight_smile:

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Another win for pamac.
Though it does beg the question why?
Maybe some hook that didnt get fired?

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