Mpv filetype association

I installed a fresh copy of the latest manjaro kde, booted and installed mpv. But mpv player doesn’t show up in file associations; only vlc does. Any way I can have mpv the default media player?


Hi @quink, and welcome!

I’m assuming you’re using dolphin file manager.
When viewing the file with it, right-click, hover over “Open with” and then select “Custom” at the bottom.
You’ll get a window where you’re to select which program to open it with. Go ahead and select MPV player.
At the bottom of the window, in the left half, there’s a checkbox to always use the program for the type of file. (Sorry, can’t remember wording now.) Check said checkbox so that it’s selected.
Click OK to continue.
This should associate the file with MPV player.

I hope this helps, or at least points you in the right direction.

Thanks for the welcome!.
Unfortunately, mpv isn’t in the list of programs. That is the issue.

Hi again.

I don’t have MPV, so I’m just guessing and working by what I know.

  • If you know the command to open the file, you can try entering it manually.
  • Alternatively, I think you can write a very small script (5/6 lines I think) to do that.

Other than that, sadly I have no other options, since I’m kind of shooting in the dark, here.

Thanks for the effort. Silly me! I reinstalled mpv and the issue is resolved!
Thanks though!!

That is generally a good idea as well as necessary, yes.

Very happy it’s been resolved!

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