Moving Manjaro install from external drive to internal

I have successfully install Manjaro on a USB3 drive.

At this point, when I boot, I’m presented with the boot screen and the option to boot Manjaro (from the external drive) or Unbuntu (from the internal drive.)

The actual drives are the same form factor.

Can I replace the internal with the external? (So, I would remove the external drive from it’s USB enclosure and put it in place of the internal drive.)

Is there going to be trouble ahead?

Is there a process I should follow that would update the grub/boot etc.?


Provide Information:

Sorry, what system info do you want?

It is a laptop with a usb SSD drive that has manjaro running and an internal SSD drive that has ubuntu.

Both are uefi.

I want to take the manjaro drive and put it in place of the internal drive.

Does this hardware swap require special considerations or preparations? If so, what are those considerations or preparations.

If both drives have an EFI system partition, then it should in theory work, although you may have to reconfigure the efivars. Considering the drive swap, this is then best done from the install medium in live mode. See… :arrow_down:

man efibootmgr
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Thanks for the info.

I read the man page for efibootmgr. But, I wasn’t clear on how if I booted live from the install media I could tell it to act on the boot info on another device. I might have missed something…

I actually ended up just making the swap and it all just worked.

Even putting the old internal drive in the external enclosure, it sees, and can boot both.

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That’s what manjaro-chroot was created for. :stuck_out_tongue:

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