Moving Image to trash on digikam

Is anyone else has the issues where digikam not allow me to move image to trash, but allow me to delete Permanently?

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Filesystem, Permissions:

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Do you have konqueror installed?

I install konqueror and could delete to trash inside there.
But it still not move to trash on digikam. I have the same problem on my second Laptop as well.

While trying to delete to trash the output of journalctl |grep digikam
give me:

digikam[1833809]: kf.xmlgui: Unhandled container to remove : Digikam::DigikamApp
digikam[1833809]: QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout β€œβ€ to QWidget β€œβ€, which already has a layout

the Permission of Delete and new made .local/share/ Trash is 700 also the owner is me

The problem comes from deleting .dtrash/files so I have to remember not to delete .dtrash/* at clean up my system.

fix was delete .dtrash afterward .dtrash/files rebuild by using move to trash again.

thanks for helping

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