Moving /home to a new partition

hi. Im ready to follow this tutorial but ive two questions, Help with moving /home to different partition
Can i do this from a live usb without having to start root process - ```
systemctl isolate ?

And my /home is on a separate partition from the OS so where does this comment go exactly ?
-If you already had /home on a separate partition before this move, then comment out the entry for that partition by putting a # in front of the line.

Yes, you can.

In the file /etc/fstab. An example follows below. :arrow_down:

UUID=db2385c9-2715-408e-96b4-52086a0292fe   /home           btrfs   ssd,defaults,noatime,nodiratime,space_cache,compress=zstd,nodev               0       0

As almost always in UNIX configuration files, any line starting with a “#” is regarded as a comment. Hence the expression “commenting out something”.

Note that this is a sample from my own system. Your UUID, filesystem type and mount options will probably be different.

thanks for the promp reply.
I cant see the comment sign # in your description.

That’s because there isn’t one. :stuck_out_tongue: I only meant to give you an example of an entry for /home in /etc/fstab. :wink:

Doing the procedure from a live USB is actually easier, but be sure that you move only the contents of /home, not /home itself. :wink:

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ok i see, thanks

When moving /home, remember the usermod command can make things a lot easier:

Change the user’s home directory and move the contents of the user’s current directory.

Log in as root and then type:

usermod -m -d /newhome/username username

Changing newhome for the directory you want and username for the name of the user to change.