Mouse right click does a second immediate click when moving mouse at the same time

Mouse right click does a second immediate click when moving mouse at the same time. By mistake i close launchbar apps when i right click on them because accidentally hit the exit choice with a second ghost click if i’m moving the mouse even a little.

XFCE, Picom, Amd B450.

That’s a feature : you can hold the right-click in order to navigate the right-click menu, then releasing counts as selecting the option.

I don’t know of a setting that would allow you to change that. Maybe reduce the mouse sensitivity?

it’s funny since i just thought about asking about this behavior;
since I’ve moved to Linux i noticed that the right click would sometime register as a left click,especially when moving the mouse fast like @artivision noticed.
but then i think it’s like @maycne.sonahoz says that it probably uses the context menu options and the mouse click sensitivity/speed needs to be set if that’s possible.
any how it can be stressful when i copy paste commands to the terminal and try to do it slower so it doesn’t run them by mistake.

I wasn’t able to repeat.

But I would take a look at XFCE System Settings > Hardware > Mouse and Touchpad. Check both the Devices tab and Behavior tab.

Tried everything above but nothing. Someone should raise the hold window time that is necessary to activate this new navigation system. I use LK mouse with zero button latency and instead of correcting, the problem became 2x as bad. If you want Manjaro as gaming distribution then you shouldn’t hire people that don’t own LK keyboards and mouses and 144hz displays. Or at least donate to them the necessary equipment.