Mouse pointer (launch wheel) spinning circle when on desktop

It’s driving me crazy. The mouse pointer has a spinning wheel constantly. It started just after installing printer and selecting “background” folder for wallpaper.

Ok, solved but this is what causes it. When choosing a sub folder within “backgrounds” for the wallpaper it shows up. My fix was to copy the wallpapers I like to the main folder “backgrounds” and that solves it.

OK, fresh manjaro install on AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core
msi motherboard, kernel 5.15.25-1onto samsung evo ssd.
xfce 21.2.4 desktop.
thought i got rid of the spinning mouse wheel on desktop but now it is back.
only thing i ran after booting is firefox and even when i close it the wheel is still there continuously.
what i’d like to do is be able to see all the processes going on so i can determine what is causing it.
i’m new to linux but willing to get up to speed.

Well, what-do-ya-know, a simple BIOS update took care of the issue and also fixed a few others!