Mounting ntfs in dolphin with ntfs3 mod

so i finally moved into kernel 5.15.7 as my daily-driver and everything is normal.

i’ve been looking forward to using “ntfs3” mod. basically i only mount NTFS partitons using dolphin when i need to. so i need them to be mounted in ntfs3 instead of ntfs-3g like it happens upto now. a quick reference to arch-wiki has two ways (udev rules vs udisks) of default mounting with it recommending neither. after looking at the current issues, i chose udisk mount overriding with;


everything works, no errors thrown. just that mounting process seems to be taking longer than it did with ntfs-3g.

do you guys think i should wait for things to mature a bit and then to move to ntfs3 permanently or is this all normal or are there better ways of doing this.

with the current overriding of udisk, if i boot into kernel 5.10 will this fail

looks like there are few minor kinks to be straightened. atleast when mounting with udisks. incase of NTFS issues, the ntfs3 driver plain rejects mounting, whereas ntfs-3g seems to have some level of flexibility and mount it with read-only access. reverted to using ntfs-3g for the time being.