Mounting external drive to /mnt instead of /run/media


I would like to mount my external drive to /mnt instead of /run/media.

The problem is, that my file explorer cannot open the /run directory, hence I would like to move to another dir. Apparently it mounts the device automatically as root if I understood that correctly?

Is there a simple solution to make the /run folder available for my user or to change the mount location?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for the resources. Kind of looking for a spoonfeed here though, if I’m being honest. Just need to know if there’s a simple solution, because I need it fast…

You can also mount the drive with fstab, like the first tutorial, point 3.

Or: mount -t auto /drive/name /mnt


Well the solution is not hard, but it’s good practice to know what you’re doing. :wink: