Most Apps I Open Do Not Display All Drives On My PC


I’ve noticed while trying to install certain things onto my computer that most apps do not display all the drives I have on my computer instead just the local drive with Manjaro on it.

I’ve tried mounting and unmounting drives and that doesn’t work, beyond that I don’t know what else to do/try.

unable to see other drives on pc, audacious

Any help is appreciated.

Be advised that Windows NTFS formatted partitions must be cleanly shutdown by Windows (disable Fast startup and hibernation/sleep) otherwise you will not be able to write to them.

The concept of drives only exist within Windows OS.

With Manjaro you need to mount your partitions to an empty folder and set the appropriate permissions (ntfs-3g driver does not support permissions - so not needed).


Reading your articles has made me realize how accustomed to Windows I am.

This’ll take me awhile to figure out. :sweat:

Here’s what I intend to do with one of my SSDs. I’d like to use the whole 500GB of it and I guess partition the whole thing so that Manjaro sees it, and I’d like to set up a virtual machine of windows using the 500GB partition. What format should the SSD be formatted to for this or does it matter since it’ll be partitioned for Manjaro?

ext4 is the most stable file system.

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