Moderator's lesson of the day: How to handle a flame war on an announcement

Anyways what is it you are doing that you need to be soooo private?

I think there was a confusion in the overall thread.

@yannssolo , myself, and others were pointing out the closed nature of Vivaldi (closed development, private bug tracker, questionable decisions, etc), and rather than attacking the browser head on, we were pointing out our concerns with it.

Where I really got heated is when Vivaldi PR or opinions are taken for granted, as a carte blanche for transparency: Just because a spokesperson says “We embrace openness and transparency!” doesn’t make it true. Anyone can claim anything in a press conference or blog post.

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The thing is i never said i don’t like Vivaldi as a browser and you know it. I was talking about Vivaldi as default, it was on my fist message, and then i repeated it two more times.

We are not here with our super-moderator Fabby to keep debating, please, we only talk about what happened.

Hold on!

  • AFAIU, everyone in this conversation likes Vivaldi!
  • Vivaldi is a proprietary browser and that’s what some of you don’t like!

:crazy_face: :upside_down_face:

Is my understanding correct?

Use :+1: or :-1: below this post to tell me.

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See, this is trolling and a personal insult. Let’s not go there. I understand humorous jabs for the sake of joking around, but this comes off as a legitimate insult.

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Ok I will change it

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There done

Okay everyone, let’s REALLY give @Fabby some work to do. At the count of 3, let’s all attack each other viciously at the same time using ALL CAPITAL letters.


3… 2… 1… GO!


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And use a bunch of random unicode characters


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I cannot do that, Fabby is like a nanny for us :slight_smile:

This would have been extremely funny in a bar over a few

:beer: :beer: :beer:

But with multiple flags flying around, it’s a hassle for the poor overworked moderators, so please don’t make me take out my mod tool:

Yes! All of you, please, hold up your left hand and count out on the fingers of said left hand how old you look right now!

(Hint: the maximum is 5!)



That’s because you’re a COWARD!!! (Incoming random characters… be prepared…)

$%$%@#$)!#(!#$@#$@#%(#*$@#)$!@#$ :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(Did I do that right?)

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Well here is my final thought:

I think that vivaldi is just fine as the default for Manjaro!




Not coward, but realistic and benevolent :innocent:

I will give you that!

This is too funny! Would you lot mind me sharing this with all the mods after closing the topic???

This could be used as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for other flame wars:

Don’t just unlist the entire conversation (it was an announcement after all and we don’t want to unlist those) but move out the offensive bits only…

:innocent: :question:

I don’t mind. Depends on everyone else though. :slight_smile:

What is a SOP ?

You can show what i wrote, nothing offensive on my side

Standard Operational Procedure? :thinking:

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