Mirror list editing

Hello, again me :slight_smile:

If i edit or remove from here a mirror any problem will comes? i mean from here: `

> /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

The change will be undone, next time pacman-mirrors is run.

You can use pacman-mirrors to create a custom mirrorlist, which will get used going forward.

Look into the help page for pacman-mirrors to see how:

pacman-mirrors --help

pacman-mirrors won’t function correctly until they fix repo.manjaro.org. It hasn’t updated in over 2 days.


I just wanna leave some of them. there is a lot of mirrors. so when i run

sudo pacman -Syu

they will undone again?

No, when the pamac-mirrors.timer kicks off.

But you can make a custom mirrorlist.

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Thanks for noticing. Reported:


ok i use that commands

sudo pacman-mirrors --country Germany,France,Austria && sudo pacman -Syyu

and added some country too.

hope they are not changes again.

thanks all of you.

Here i am learning by your help community.


That is the file used by pacman and pamac.

The user is expected to maintain a valid runtime mirrorlist.

You can manually edit or just use pacman-mirrors.

When we talk about mirrorlist there are multiple files, the most important being the one you listed.

You might find some helpful information in this post.

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