Migrate manjaro partition(s) to a SSD

i know there are quiet a few threads already along these requirements, but chose to ask anyway.

to be concise i’m getting a new SSD, want to migrate windows+manjaro to the new drive. though i could have cloned the entire disk (target disk is of same size), i’ve run the existing windows to the ground, and have no reason to clone that junk of a partition.

so i’m thinking of a fresh(bloat-free, as if thats even possible) windows install on the new drive and let it create EFI partition and others (which it is supposed its so picky about). and then clone/copy manjaro partitions (home and system).

in this order;

  1. put new drive in
  2. boot into windows setup and go through stock installation and let it create its partitions
  3. reboot into clonezilla or manjaro-live media.
  4. clone/copy manjaro partitions (home and system) with clonezilla or gparted/part. manager
  5. in manjaro-live media change the fstab of cloned partition to reflect newer UUID
  6. “manjaro-chroot -a” restore bootloader into cloned manjaro and “grub-install/update-grub”

i think this should be sufficient. would like to know your recommendations for cloning manjaro partitions, chroot environment and bootloader restoration and other unforeseen issues that i might run into.


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just missing one thing
create entry boot EFI , if you check with efibootmgr , entry EFI manjaro will be missing

see this point

thought grub-install command;

grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=manjaro --recheck

was supposed to do that. anyway i know one better, if it doesnt work.

thanks bro