Mhwd dependency on update-grub renders system unbootable

Package mhwd got an additional dependency on update-grub recently. Package update-grub depends on grub (for obvious reasons). Consequently, when you update mhwd you automatically also get grub - even when you don’t need it and don’t want it. People may have reasons why they use a boot manager other than grub.

In my case it was even worse, as the partition detection performed by some update hook of update-grub or grub failed miserably with tons of weird error messages and finally leaving my system in an unbootable state. This must not be!

I was lucky to be able to roll back (thanks to LVM snapshotting). For the time being I live with IgnorePkg = mhwd in /etc/pacman.conf.

Please remove dependency on update-grub from package mhwd.

I’d love to create a GitLab issue here, but my registration request has not been approved yet.

grub was always required via the mhwd-fb script, it was just missing from dependencies.

What was the username and subject of the email? We receive hundreds of spam emails, so yours probably got buried.

Sure, we can remove the dependency and use the cmd the script actually does and only when grub is installed.

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This is what should really be done.

Until mhwd lines are changed to use grub-mkconfig the dependency is real.

But it does not need to be.

(and yes again also to ‘whether grub is installed/used’ as well)

Even simple

if command -v grub-mkconfig >/dev/null 2>&1; then


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Have to check if we have more which needs update-grub …