Mhwd does not update GRUB after kernel is changed with mhwd-kernel in terminal

My system was unable to boot following the recent update to mhwd and using the mhwd-kernel command. I note mhwd-0.6.5-29-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst came out only a few days ago on January 27, 2024

First the update to linux66, then the attempt to return to linux65 with the commands…

mhwd-kernel -l linux66 rmc
mhwd-kernel -l linux65 rmc

… resulted in an empty GRUB config making it necessary to boot up a USB live environment and use manjaro-chroot to manually redo the grub-mkconfig again.

Do you have the package update-grub installed?

I vaguely remember an announcement where update-grub script was split out to a separate package and thus the update required manual intervention - as in explicitly install the update-grub package.

Syncing a kernel with the release e.g. linux66 does not require grub.cfg to be rebuild - but replacing the kernel does.

If one do neglect this intervention you will have to manually run grub-mkconfig after kernel change.

And linux65 is EOL

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Well that’s it then. update-grub was indeed not installed. I’ve installed that now. Thanks.

That seems like a serious dependency issue to not have update-grub set as a dependency for mhwd. I mean it felt like a serious bug last night freaking out while going through chroot 2x in one evening :slight_smile:

Our pack man will take care of it - I will notify him.

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