Mesa 23.3 in stable

Hi, I found this topic: Mesa 23.2.1-1 in Arch extra Repo, but not available in Manjaro?
In there it is said that manjaro waits for first point release, to release mesa.
But what does that mean? Now that mesa 23.3 is released, will we get it on stable?

Or what was said there, means that we will get newer mesa on 24.1?

Yes, really wondering if mesa 23.3.0 finds its way to Manjaro… :thinking: and if its working.

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Since there was no point release on 23.2 we didn’t ship it. Lets see about the new one … News — The Mesa 3D Graphics Library

was kinda weird for me to see, that even ubuntu has a newer mesa version than a rolling release distro and this version should improve ray tracing massively

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This news about release date confuses people:

Mesa 23.3.0 is released

November 29, 2023

Mesa 23.3.0 is released. This is a new development release. See the release notes for more information about this release.

Mesa 23.1.9 is released

October 4, 2023

Mesa 23.1.9 is released. This is a bug fix release.

Mesa 23.2.1 is released

September 28, 2023

Mesa 23.2.1 is released. This is a bug fix release.

Mesa 23.1.8 is released

September 20, 2023

Mesa 23.1.8 is released. This is a bug fix release.

There technically was and Arch updated to it at the end of September.

However, the release notes stated it was a development release–that was also stable… :thinking: :question:

Mesa 23.2.1 is a new development release. People who are concerned with stability and reliability should stick with a previous release or wait for Mesa 23.2.2.

Mesa 23.2.1 is an unusual first stable release due to the accidentl tagging of 23.2.0 durring the rc cycle.

Mesa 23.2.1 Release Notes / 2023-09-28 — The Mesa 3D Graphics Library latest documentation

@longusnickus We’re waiting for 23.2.2 or 23.3.1.

The first release of mesa is always a developer one. 23.2.0 was a RC candidate tagged and released wrongly. So 23.2.1 = 23.2.0 this time. Also the release manager of that release cycle messed up. Check the mailing lists for more details.

The next point release might be out in a week or so. Then we will see. I see absolutely no rush here.

23.3.1 is here. so we overjump 23.2 completely. i guess they gave up on 23.2

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now we have Mesa 23.3.2, it would be awesome if it could be included in the latest release, i want to have access to mesh shaders :slight_smile:

some report still regressions on some gen5 Intel iGPUs …


It seems like ages since we had a mesa update. Even a system wide update. I remember getting like 300 updates every month or two. When can we expect the 23.3.1 to be pushed out? That can’t be in development still right? I know with that driver, the game jedi survivor no longer has graphical issues. The same with Alan Wake 2.

Nvidia seems to be affected as well.

People who have the issue might need to do a git bisect and report upstream as already suggested by arch developers Xorg 21.1.10-1 crashes after update to (lib32-)mesa 1:23.3.2-1 (#5) · Issues · Arch Linux / Packaging / Packages / mesa · GitLab it also seems that more users are trying Arch and expect some sort of stability and quality in combination with bleeding edge features. Sure mesa was released as scheduled but 23.3.x series had several regressions per point release and 23.2.x series had no point release at all as 23.2.1 was the only stable developer release they did for that series.

So those who want the latest and greatest can switch to unstable and help to debug and find the regression.