Maybe kernel 6.1 and newer needs configuration changes

With the use of the 6.1 kernel I noticed that the system lost performance, from time to time I compare the Xanmod kernel with the standard Manjaro kernel and the performance was always similar, but with the 6.1 kernel the difference is big in favor of Xanmod.

The first difference is in the boot time, 15 seconds with the Manjaro kernel and 11 seconds with the Xanmod kernel. This difference is occurring in relation to the use of the cdrom. In my computer I don’t have a cdrom device, but in virtualbox it comes by default activated and removing this virtual device the boot time dropped to 11 seconds also with the Manjaro kernel. I don’t have any iso loaded on that virtual cdrom device, just because it exists the delay is being generated.

I still haven’t been able to identify the reason why after the system loads I still notice a performance advantage when opening programs and switching between them, this is happening both in virtualbox and in the system installed on real hardware.

Another point is the post-boot memory consumption, which increased by about 170 MB both in relation to the 5.15 LTS kernel and Xanmod.

I’m trying to figure out the cause of the difference in performance after boot and memory consumption.

Heya, For reference I do not notice any difference in performance with the 6.1 kernel on hardware and virtuals (I use libvirt/qemu with virtmanager)

The extra memory usage would not bother me, anything in ram is available faster then from disk so that is more of a plus I’d say.

Post some hard data / times so other users can compare with your specific situation.

An option is to build your own and see what works for you.

dmesg on manjaro and xanmod kernel:

I opened the thread to inform the Manjaro developers about the situation and see if we can find differences that can be applied by default in the Manjaro Kernel so that it maintains performance similar to Xanmod, as it always has.

The issue of memory consumption is true when the system starts to respond better, but in this case it is consuming more than Xanmod 6.1 which already consumes more than the Manjaro 5.15 kernel and is not bringing a performance advantage, on the contrary, the perception in the system usage is slower, as can also be seen at boot time via dmesg

you can also check this status about kernel 6.1 archlinux

i also noticed a decrease in performance with Kernel 6.1 and i think it may be related to the CPU clocks.

Well I think the new CPU mitigations might lower the speed on some CPUs. You may check the changelog:

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I found the configuration that generated the difference that is making the 6.1 kernel of Manjaro slower in my tests on equipment with little RAM, is Transparent Huge Pages. Manjaro default in kernel 5.15 was madvise, current Xanmod 6.1 default is madvise, but Manjaro default with kernel 6.1 and 6.2 is always