May I change my username?


As you can see, my username isn’t very nice to read out loud (not that anyone would do it anyway), and I wish to change it.

I read that I should contact moderator, but I don’t know who to contact. So here it is.

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Here I found moderator list


In the above mentioned web page I saw the name of @eugen-b. Has anyone heard from him lately? He suddenly left this forum. Where did he go?

And back on topic.


It’s like you are Rudolph but on the wrong end lol :rofl: sorry couldn’t resist.

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He is always here :slight_smile: Not so much active like earlier

Edit: Automatic working
Not possible to pair a bluetooth device if dunst running as the notification frontend


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9. Jan.

Sway doesn’t start


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22. Dez. '18

SDDM very slow to show up

Technical Issues and Assistance

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Message me what you’d like the new username to be and I’ll change it for you.

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Well, when you’re in Indonesia, you should try the ‘Sop Buntut’.
I’m sure you’ll have a different perspective. :joy:

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Soup Ubuntu ?
[also - yes … is oxtail, beef-tail, soup]

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Buntut is ‘ass’ (the backside) not ‘tail’ as is translated by Google or by ‘decent’ translators.


Ah yes, but the soup itself

… a fried/barbecued oxtail combined with soup variation which is a popular dish in Indonesia where it is called as sop buntut

According to all the things I read there is some confusion on terms … but it does seem to generally refer to the literal ‘tail’ … though I guess some general ‘backside’ could be inferred.

So you mean to tell me there is a willful ignorance around how the soup/term is understood and that europeans would rather believe it is only tail, when in truth it includes the ‘butt’ ? How surprising.

Doubly surprising because forgetting the pre-concieved notions of whatever … isnt the ass-meat kinda prized? Like its good and tender ? [omfg that sentence :woman_facepalming:]

a vegan cook that actually finds these things interesting


Yes. But words, in any language change connotations over time, zeitgeist, matter of speaking. Say, … but really , I’m trying to give an example in the English world where words once considered obnoxious racially or gender wise is now acceptable or words that were decent is now obnoxious. I have examples in mind, but to say it out loudly here may still be offensive. Hope you know what I mean. Okay, now buntut, once strictly meant ‘ass’ may in the culinary Indonesian world, may now be acceptable as ‘oxtail’. But outside of the culinary usage, it is still ‘ass’. The Malaysian language which shares the same roots as Indonesian is strictly ‘ass’, culinary or otherwise. You can never find any Malaysian restaurant labelling the soup as Sop Buntut. It is called ‘Sup Ekor’ " Ekor" meaning ‘tail’ in both Malay language as well as in Indonesian.

Ho Ho… some other time, perhaps, we’ll have a dig into your ‘fetish’ later on.

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speaking of words and meaning and the things


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Sigh, yet more bad P.R. for donkeys. Such unfairly maligned creatures…

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