Make OBS studio working in Wayland

Manjaro unstable - KDE plasma 5.22; kernel 5.10

Since OBS studio 27.0 release few days ago it was introduced the native support for Wayland on Linux. I was never able to make it work anyway.

So few days later I casually tried another famous distro which enables Wayland by default, and to my surprise it worked, so the problem must have been some missing component in Manjaro.

I went back to Manjaro, since I’m not really comfortable with any other OS, and after some look around with pamac I thought I had to install wlroots and xdg-desktop-portal-wlr so I did it, then reboot the system…now OBS studio works under Wayland in Manjaro as well.

Sounds like those packages need to be added to the Optional Dependency list of the obs-studio package in Arch.

You could contact the Arch package maintainer (name and mail is in the PKGBUILD) and ask politely if they want to include those two as optional dependencies for wayland support.

I thought at first it was something related on how manjaro handled the wayland session packages, but it makes more sense what you said. Thank you, I will send an email to the maintainer.

@pinonat is correct, I have installed those packages after testing obs and failing to get it to work and now is working properly. From black to all working :slight_smile: thanks pinonat

Let’s see if it’s fixed on arch so there is no need to install it manually…

thanks for the help. obs earlier was just recording the black screen.