Maximize KDE apps in Manjaro xfce

hey guys
I use manjaro xfce. I have installed some KDE apps (like kdenlive). the problem is that I can not maximize these apps. maximize button just does not work

I do not think it is a known/common problem. I have a lot of kde apps (not kdenlive but ark and pretty much every game and kdeconnect): maximising works. I’m on testing branch, kernel 6.4.
My guess would be something to do with QT or theming, as far as i know the kde apps are QT dependent. I have qt5 and 6 installed.

1.With xfce usually Alt+F10 does maximize, Alt+F11 does fullscreen. Does that work ?
2. Grab the window and push it to the top of the screen, this should maximize too.
3. What theme do you use, this can have an impact, if it is not well supported or up to date.

Have you installed KDE Compatibility Packages? Install the necessary compatibility packages to ensure proper integration between XFCE and KDE applications. In the terminal, run the following command:

sudo pacman -S kf5-kwindowconfig

First, as far as i know one should always sudo pacman -Syu, and second…there is no such package in the manjaro repositories at all, not even in AUR.

I still think if all the qt stuff is installed (qt5-base at least), it might be the theming. Try selecting a standart theme in Settings, Kvantum and also in QT5 settings (package qt5ct). Something like matcha theme.
I am currently with Matcha-dark-sea in Appearance, Matcha-dark in kvantum and kvantum-dark in qt5ct (and a config file to make qt apps dark).

Sorry, my apologies. I had similar issues when testing xfce before to try to get around scaling issues with some x11 apps and I have copied some bad info from my ChatGPT history.

I would try opening the application via the terminal and check for any errors shown in the terminal.

:bulb: I was able to recreate your issue when I created a new user and started kdenlive on a VM.

With an existing user kdenlive maximize button worked fine, so just try’n to figure out the difference.

Update: Changing the resolution allowed the maximize button to work, at least on a VM. Perhaps this will help generate other ideas.

Go to Settings > Display > General, Resolution and change the resolution


/usr/bin/xrandr --output Virtual-1 --primary --mode 1920x1080 --pos 0x0 --rotate normal
The above can be put into an autostart desktop file.

See xrandr for resolutions.

NOTE: Changing resolutions, desktop icons, creates a symlink in ~/.config/xfce4/desktop/. Just might want to keep an eye on that. When I first started using XFCE and I was making changes to see how things worked, I noticed the increasing number of files in this directory.

non of the solutions worked.
I tried to play with “window manager” and “window manager tweaks” and “appearance” and “qt5 settings”

I also changed theme and icons from inside kdenlive.

but non of them worked