Matray gives error trying to fetch news


Manjaro KDE…

I’m getting pop ups at the news icon thing in the Systray…

Error Occurred Fetching news
Could not connect: Network is unreachable

I think the usual link is down…

Is this service down for good and maybe I should go in to the settings and disable it?


Flex was taken down. This was already discussed in our forums. [APP] - matray - Manjaro announcements tray app (the new one) - #84 by moson

Just update your system. That will fix it.

Kernel 5.13… nice one. You may also want to install a LTS kernel and remove this inexistent kernel.

I think a notification in the matray would have been helpful for users who don’t come here or wouldn’t know what to search for to find out. For instance I searched for: “Error Occurred Fetching news
Could not connect: Network is unreachable” and it didn’t show me that forum topic at all and no mention of that thread anywhere on google either. But thank you for giving me the info.

I did update last night and the pop up was still appearing after wards but today I see now the pop up is no longer popping-up… and the server address is now: I guess now @Weidenwiesel is taking care of business.

I have the kernel I’ve got on my Manjaro by running the software update tool regularly. Not sure what else I need to do to have a kernel version that you would approve of? I could be wrong but I thought Manjaro did not have LTS releases.

It has nothing to do with what I approve or not. Kernel 5.13 does not exist since very long time in Manjaro, if you use it it will create issues at some point for various possible reasons.

There are LTS kernels as defined by the kernels developers.

@omano Cheers, that was good to know. I never knew you had to update the kernel separately in Manjaro… always thought software update tool took care of that.

Think it works like that in debian distros anyway.

Updating my system with Add/Remove Software (pamac GUI) doesn’t fix this, and the last announcement my system has “[IMPORTANT] Please change URL” links to a dead Gist URL.

The dead Gist URL probably isn’t a big deal because the old server URL is down anyway (so that announcement won’t come for other machines) but wanted to report that my server URL is not automatically updating, at least with the pamac GUI.

Leaving it as-is for in case you want me to check anything with the issue intact.

EDIT: hitting “Refresh databases” in the pamac GUI’s menu seems to be working and getting me missing updates. Weird as it found AUR updates already (via the “Refresh” button on the Updates tab) and I installed them first and rebooted before writing this. Probably a misunderstanding on my part concerning pamac. Either way, this is off-topic from this thread, sorry for the noise.

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Is this a problem again?
I’m getting the error popping up every few minutes again today.
Matray - Error Fetching News
When I try to open I get 502 Bad Gateway.



Same here, getting it all day. For now, I’ve removed the Matray package.

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Getting the same error message too, every ten minutes. I guess I’ll uninstall matray for now and check back later to see if there’s a solution.

You can disable the error warning too I guess in the Settings, and check when the server will get fixed later.

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