Many issues of Lutris

I am facing several issues on Lutris. I have searched for answers, and I am honestly still lost.

Gtk-Message: 23:47:10.432: Failed to load module "xapp-gtk3-module"

(lutris:38195): Gtk-WARNING **: 23:47:10.434: GTK+ module /snap/lutris/214/gnome-platform/usr/lib/gtk-2.0/modules/ cannot be loaded.
GTK+ 2.x symbols detected. Using GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3 in the same process is not supported.
Gtk-Message: 23:47:10.434: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
2023-10-22 23:47:10,507: Command '7z' not found on your system
2023-10-22 23:47:10,508: Command 'wine' not found on your system
2023-10-22 23:47:10,508: Command 'fluidsynth' not found on your system
2023-10-22 23:47:10,825: Couldn't find a terminal emulator.

(lutris:38195): Gtk-WARNING **: 23:47:11.017: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:1:21: Failed to import: Error opening file /home/tyler/snap/lutris/214/.config/gtk-3.0/colors.css: No such file or directory
Gtk-Message: 23:47:11.035: Failed to load module "colorreload-gtk-module"
Gtk-Message: 23:47:11.035: Failed to load module "window-decorations-gtk-module"
2023-10-22 23:47:11,097: Starting Lutris 0.5.14
2023-10-22 23:47:11,098: Using NVIDIA drivers 535.113.01 for x86_64
2023-10-22 23:47:11,099: GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
2023-10-22 23:47:11,099: GPU: 10DE:1B80 3842:6687 (nvidia drivers)
2023-10-22 23:47:11,099: GPU:   (simple-framebuffer drivers)

(lutris:38195): IBUS-WARNING **: 23:47:11.266: Failed to mkdir /home/tyler/snap/lutris/214/.config/ibus/bus: Not a directory

Launching it in Konsole, this is what it gives me.

To list the issues:

  • Cannot install the EA app or Ubisoft Connect
  • Crashes when trying to login to the Itch or Gog tabs

How was lutris installed?
As a SNAP ?

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sudo snap install lutris

sudo snap install --beta lutris

both failed, so i ended up doing

sudo snap install --edge lutris

thank you

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Use the one from the extra repository instead:

pamac install lutris

Don’t forget to uninstall the snap one:

sudo snap remove lutris

well that didn’t go as planned: now, many of the previously solved issues are back

  • there is no EA app, only the deprecated Origin app
  • trying to sign in only shows blank screen, for all apps

Well, I’m no gamer, really, but I think:

  • there is no need for the EA app itself, AFAIK you can use Lutris to install and use the game on its own. I also don’t really like those kind of apps, but I’m obviously in the minority here.
  • I think you can install the app as a game and use it that way.
  • Like I mentioned, I’m no gamer, but the 2 games I occasionally play works beautifully: Starcraft II using Lutris, and World Turtles using steam.

That still gets away from the main problem I am trying to solve; the issues listed by the terminal on launching Lutris. What I am asking is, how do I fix specifically these listed issues.

This error was caused by snap, I suspect it would’ve been fixed if you actually removed the snap and isn’t using it anymore.

This one was also caused by snap…so the same would’ve applied, AFAIK.

Please provide the output of:

which lutris


snap list


To fix it, you have to know what causes it and treat that and not the symptoms. Much like a doctor. In fact, like a doctor.

for first one

which lutris                                                                                         ✔ 

for second one

snap list                                                                                            ✔ 
Name                           Version                     Rev    Tracking       Publisher         Notes
bare                           1.0                         5      latest/stable  canonical✓        base
cnctsun                        1.0                         75     latest/stable  mmtrt             -
core18                         20230703                    2790   latest/stable  canonical✓        base
core20                         20230801                    2015   latest/stable  canonical✓        base
core22                         20230801                    864    latest/stable  canonical✓        base
discord                        0.0.32                      160    latest/stable  snapcrafters✪     -
drawio                         22.0.3                      191    latest/stable  jgraph✓           -
g4music                        3.4                         95     latest/stable  capecrusader-121  -
gnome-3-28-1804                3.28.0-19-g98f9e67.98f9e67  198    latest/stable  canonical✓        -
gnome-3-38-2004                0+git.efb213a               143    latest/stable  canonical✓        -
gnome-42-2204                  0+git.ff35a85               141    latest/stable  canonical✓        -
gtk-common-themes              0.1-81-g442e511             1535   latest/stable  canonical✓        -
irfanview                      4.59                        53     latest/stable  mmtrt             -
kf5-5-108-qt-5-15-10-core22    5.108                       5      latest/stable  kde✓              -
kf5-5-110-qt-5-15-11-core22    5.110                       3      latest/stable  kde✓              -
kturtle                        23.08.2                     100    latest/stable  kde✓              -
lutris                         0.5.14                      214    latest/edge    capecrusader-121  -
mc-installer                   12.2                        615    latest/stable  kz6fittycent      -
mesa-core22                    23.0.4                      231    latest/stable  canonical✓        -
nordpass                       5.8.21                      169    latest/stable  nordpass          -
openra                         release-20231010            1409   latest/stable  lucyllewy✪        -
openrocket                     22.02                       1044   latest/stable  openrocket        -
orion-desktop                  2.0.1                       69     latest/stable  keshavnrj✪        -
parley                         23.04.3                     77     latest/stable  kde✓              -
pycharm-community              2023.2.3                    350    latest/stable  jetbrains✓        classic
qt5-core20                     20.04                       15     latest/stable  keshavnrj✪        -
smplayer                       23.6.0                      76     latest/stable  rvm               -
snap-store                     41.3-71-g709398e            959    latest/stable  canonical✓        -
snapd                          2.60.4                      20290  latest/stable  canonical✓        snapd
standard-notes                 3.178.7                     850    latest/stable  standardnotes✓    -
wine-platform-5-stable         5.0.3                       18     latest/stable  mmtrt             -
wine-platform-6-stable         6.0.4                       19     latest/stable  mmtrt             -
wine-platform-7-stable-core20                     3      latest/stable  mmtrt             -
wine-platform-runtime          v1.0                        349    latest/stable  mmtrt             -
wine-platform-runtime-core20   v1.0                        83     latest/stable  mmtrt             -

Still using the SNAP. A number of them apparently.
( SNAP = something that is supposed to be bundled with everything it needs, but may not be, meaning its large, but you cant handle the dependencies if it was bundled incorrectly. Even better when combined with its other features of ‘containerization’ meaning it wont interface with the rest of your system as expected, and yet no, that doesnt actually mean its safer. The thoroughly inferior software deployment model. :sweat_smile: )

…so despite having been told multiple times to not use snap, because it only causes problems, as you’re experiencing, you refuse to do so, and then wwant to know why it doesn’t work…


OK, I’m out.

but what do I use instead? using the other method gives me an outdated client that can’t do the ea games…

As it says on Download Lutris

Updates on Manjaro are delayed

because that’s how Manjaro stable branch works. The latest Lutris 0.5.14 version is on the testing and unstable branches. So you can either;

  • Wait for 0.5.14 to get to stable branch

  • Switch to testing or unstable branch - Switching Branches - Manjaro

  • Try the Flatpak version which might or might not work better than Snap

I suggest you install the version from the repositories, and use THAT to install the games. Bu my suggestions have been ignored all the way, so it’s only that - a suggestion.

Also see:

By the way, I realize now how rude I came off… I’m sorry for not listening closer and having just fled at the very first problem I faced. I followed through now with your instruction of removing the snap version. Mr lavender recommending the flatpak helped. But again, after my stupidity, thank you for the help. The guide on getting EA to work helped, so thank you.

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well I guess Flatpak was the missing link. thank you, got lutris and the services running proper now.

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It wasnt flatpak …it was just … not SNAP.
Which has been the suggestion since the beginning.

i blame my new user idiocy for that… and being a dumbass in general