Manually startx every boot G14

Every bootup I have to manually open TTY and startx, otherwise it just chills on a black screen. This is regardless of which kernel I use, including G14. Any tips for diagnosing this? Is it a common problem? Is it specific to the G14? Never had this problem before. In “About” it says I’m using the iGPU, which is what I want.

There is this other thread with possible useful info:

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Nobody else having this problem on G14? It’s not like the linked xfce problem. I’m on GNOME. This happens with any/all kernels. This doesn’t even open the login screen. Seems like a massive bug that would get fixed immediately.

Seems more like a problem only some people have. If it was a bug, everyone would notice it. If you want help it is important to give the required information (in the topic text). Otherwise people will just ignore this topic. Read this: