Manual (offline?) Kernel update?

Hi. Trust everyone is doing well. I am new here.

Recently switched over to Manjaro due to its rolling release advantage. However, I use a hardware which wifi requires Kernel 5.16 or above (and this machine has no ethernet port either). Now, in Ubuntu, you can manually download the .deb kernel files, run some commands and voila! You’ve applied the new Kernel.

I wonder if there is similar way to do the same in Manjaro? Remember, I do not have internet on this machine. Honestly, I think it would be a shame if can’t be done. I tried some basic search on this forum, but most threads deal with a machine connected to the internet.

Also, I am not gung ho about the latest kernel. I’ve heard that 5.18 is pretty good/stable and I’ll be fine with it (or an even lower–but stable–version, for that matter, will do but not below 5.16) .

Please try keep your suggestions/tips simple. While I’ve used PCs for ~25 years, I am no programmer/developer or linux expert.



You should be able to download the desired kernel (e.g. linux519) to another computer from one of the mirror sites. Then transfer the file using a USB key, you can then install it using pacman -U linux519.pkg.tar.zst

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Yes, that seems straightforward but…there are many repos at that link and after I click on one of them, where (like which folder) should I click on further to get the kernel? I’m not allowed to link/embedd stuff yet but if you go here:- itsfoss (dot) com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/install-new-linux-kernel-3-1.png , you will see how it is like for Ubuntu, pretty easy to find.

Newbie here when it comes to Manjaro…

From my current mirror, this is the equivalent of a deb file.

(Browse here Index of /manjaro/stable/core/x86_64/ )

You might need more files than just this (modules and such).

Thank you. I’ll try.

Please keep in mind that the only kernel not being EOL with those requirements is 5.19 at the moment.
Older kernels (with the exemption of LTS kernels) do not receive (security) updates anymore. Also see

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