Manjaro uses all my laptop resources

hey so I have this fresh installation of manjaro KDE and IDK why but sometimes one/two tabs of chrome get my CPU go all the way loaded and my 8gb of ram get fully used as well so IDK why this is happening!?
I have a Lenovo g50-70

I’m afraid that Chrome tends to do that sometimes. It is quite a heavyweight ─ chromium is a little lighter. But what’s also important is what those tabs have loaded, or what they are loading. Graphic-intensive sites can easily ramp up the memory usage and CPU load.


i know that already BUT i am coming from Debian world and i have never seen my laptop use all of its resources just because of a youtube video!! it doesn’t make sense dose it?!

Did you check if the frequency scaling is low?

sudo watch -n 1  cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq

baloo file indexer?

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there is no


but there are these

cpuinfo_max_freq | cpuinfo_min_freq | cpuinfo_transition_latency

what should i pick?

already disabled it

Then use this?

watch -n 1 sudo cpupower monitor

ok? and ?


well, its between 900-1200 is that normal?
it can go to 2000 if i opened a YT vid

and what is you min and max frequency?

lscpu | grep CPU

CPU max MHz: 3100.0000
CPU min MHz: 800.0000

Then it is all fine. Think of this:

If the CPU frequency is scaled at 2000Mhz at this moment, then htop for example will show full load even if you can run it at 3100Mhz. It is a powersaving method to just request what the application needs.

interesting, so what do you think about the full usage of ram?
also, I’m confused because my Linux mint never used my full CPU and ram over a youtube video plus I work on android studio and since I got manjaro this was impossible because whatever I do I get the system fully loaded and it gets froze

Could you post the output of:

free -h

when you think you are using a lot of ram?

ill try even tho it’s not that easy to do so because as I said once my sys use all of my cpu and ram the whole thing freeze i cant even use the terminal at this point

Try to open a TTY with CTRL+ALT+F2 (to type the command). ALT+F1 to go back to desktop.

Do you have a swapfile/partition?


and could you post this output also?

cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness 

if is video, I suppose web browser(or video driver) not use gpu