Manjaro uses all my laptop resources

i do have swap of 8gb and

cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness 

output is 60


That is for example my normal usage (firefox uses the most ram):

              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:          7,8Gi       2,8Gi       148Mi       526Mi       4,8Gi       4,2Gi
Swap:          11Gi       1,0Mi        11Gi

When you run your normal applications. How much is it?

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Quick dirty command if you want to log the five first lines (sorted by memory usage) from command top, every five seconds, you can try this in a terminal, it will write the output in a file called loopmem.log and you could maybe see which program is taking all the memory before freeze maybe?:

while sleep 5; do top -b -c -i -w512 -n2 -o+%MEM|awk '/^top/{i++}i==2' | grep 'PID' -A 5 >> loopmem.log; done

I had the same probleme my i had manjaro 20 kde installed on my laptop and it always got frozen when im using more than 3 tabs and visual studio code running i can even put some music o play a video if not i get stuck and i have to power of manually is this normal i Uninstall windows and put manjaro now im thinking if I made a good choice or i have to move to ubuntu o kali instead