Manjaro updates - python interpreter?


I’m new to rolling releases, so sorry if it’s a dumb question. However I develop in python and noticed that on my system, the previous python interpreter version is still the one that I have (3.8.6). However, python 3.9 has been releases in October.

I guess this is normal - possibly that integrating that change takes longer since the system itself uses that interpreter? Perhaps also the fact that it’s a minor releases and not just a bug fix?

What is the timeline typically to integrate that type of changes? Anyone has additional details on how that process is manage within Manjaro? Mostly curious to better understand the process.


Python 3.9 already entered unstable branch, once manjaro team rebuilt all applications dependent on python, it will be released to testing and then stable.

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3.9 is in archlinux since 2020-12-02 :wink: and since this date is in manjaro unstable…

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