Manjaro Settings Manager doesn't list every drivers available for my GPU anymore


Unfortunately, there was a power outage when I was updating my computer on the Testing Branch earlier today, and couldn’t boot into my computer anymore.
I was able to fix the issue via chroot, and had to reinstall the 5.9 kernel and the nvidia-drivers.

I probably made a mistake when I reinstalled the drivers thanks to the mhwd command, because I don’t have a list of nvidia drivers anymore in the Manjaro Settings Manager GUI. Only video-nvidia and video-linux are listed, but before I got this problem, I could chose between 450, 455, 440 etc.

Everything else is working fine, the latest 455 drivers are running, but I’d like to be able to switch between 450 and 455 through the Manjaro Settings Manager GUI.

How can I fix that ?
Thank you very much

There was a new testing update earlier today, which cleaned up nvidia drives. You can find out the details here:

Thanks for the heads up ! I’ll try to find another way to use 450 then.

Just for the sake of making the answer “more complete”, this is the thread about the decision made by the team: