Manjaro setting manager - kernel

manjaro setting manager - kernel

If it’s just me, I’d appreciate it if you could point it out.

There is no rush, but if anything, I think it would be better to fix it.

I would like the detail display to be made larger. I would be happy if I could make it resizable.
At present, I think it’s too small. It’s better to be helpful.

I would be happy if the team could fix it someday.

I rarely use it, but I do use it occasionally.

One way to think about it is to just accept that that’s just the way it is and give up.

Cinnamon edition.


Yep, it is indeed too small. Even if you do not have high/low dpi, it takes some scrolling to see the log.

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Manjaro Settings Manager is not hiDPI aware - as it is from before hiDPI became a thing.


i wonder that this (meanwhile antic) flaw has never been changed.

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Even on native resolution it is a bit smallish. +100 pixels in the width and height of the window will not hurt. I do not remember if it was resizable. Not that it is the most important thing.

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It is resizableI had to verify - it is not … but I don’t use it - usually not installed - but for the purpose of verification.

It’s actually the most critical part of Manjaro settings. And it’s mostly used by average users to install/remove kernels.

So having a resizable window to see all returned errors and warnings is really important to avoid breaking the whole installation.


Yeah, i saw this on KDE too. A fix would be nice…

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I am just afraid the average user does not read the log :wink:

No matter what is your technical level in Linux, you can’t run safely your Manjaro installation for several months if you don’t read the output of each install/remove/upgrade in Manjaro settings and Pamac/pacman/yay.

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