Manjaro Optimized build for Zen Architectures (AMD)


OpenMandriva has a Zen optimized build available. All packages are build using a special flag including the Java Virtual Machine. I tested this out on a Threadripper system (3960X). There is some significant performance impact compiling java code to native code using OpenMandriva compared to Manjaro (mvn clean client:build -P build.Android):

  • Manjaro 20.02: [total]: 85,509.19 ms, 7.64 GB (1.42 minutes)
  • ClearLinux: [total]: 75,645.77 ms, 6.65 GB (1.26 minutes)
  • openMandriva zver1: [total]: 78,610.22 ms, 7.59 GB (1.31 minutes)
  • Fedora 32: [total]: 79,950.81 ms, 6.92 GB (1.33 minutes)

That is an 8% performance gain comparing Manjaro to openMandriva.

Now my question, is it possible to build Manjaro using this new compilation flag? I am not sure if this is easy or how much work is involved. OpenMandriva has an open build server (see link above, ABF). Does Manjaro also have this available to try out or is it build internally?

Many thanks for your help!



Have you read this?

Hi, yes I saw it. My question is different. See last line of my post.

Well, yes is slightly different formulated question, but still is a feature request.
You can see the source and check what patches there are available

and use one of the kernels to compile with a custom patch, for instance if you want to test 58 kernel go here