Request for a version of Manjaro optimized for AMD cpus

Hello, I have seen that OpenMandriva has versions of its distro optimized for AMD cpus, is it possible that Manjaro does it too? Since I have a Ryzen 3900x and there will also be more people who have AMD cpus and use Manjaro.
Thanks for the great work you do, I use Manjaro almost since it exists and when I discovered it I did not try any more distros.


Maybe you want to give some examples of what do you mean by

For now, the ISO releases and all the kernels we provide have support for all x64 CPUs, without exception.

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Quote taken from an article by Phoronix, entitled “Benchmarking OpenMandriva 4.0 Alpha - The First Linux OS With An AMD Zen Optimized Build”:
"The AMD Zen optimized version of OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 caters its compiler flags to these latest AMD processors and other tuning to try to improve the experience. (There are some more details on the design changes with their Znver1 build in our forums.) This AMD Zen optimized build not only has the stock OS image rebuilt for Zen but a copy of its entire package archive re-built with Zen optimizations as an alternative to their generic Intel / AMD x86_64 package repository. "

I have read the article when it came out back in 2018. Are you aware that is old news, right?
I wanted from YOU, your understanding of what that means and what implies from a building ISO and Kernels and packages perspective, but …
Now let me emphasize on one part of that quote:

What do you think, they succeeded or are still in the try mode? :slight_smile:

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According to this other article, also from Phoronix, “Benchmarking OpenMandriva’s AMD Ryzen Optimized Linux Distribution On The Threadripper 3970X” more current, since it is from February 21, 2020, it seems that they have had a little success, but they still have a lot to do.
It is only a request, I know that the work required by the request I do is very large, but it is only a request.

hi in AUR there are some ‘optimized’ kernels for AMD.
I tryed them but it didn’t solved my random freezes (not catched by the logs).

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Usually this comes with expectations, or is rather a blow in the wind? :slight_smile:
Yes, they did a new benchmark test, but why they did not do it with the same hardware from the two ISOs provided by Mandirva?

One “regular” and one with “znver1” optimization. Well, i’ll tell you my take on it: the difference is not noticeable in a real user workflow scenario, hence would have not made the “news” :slight_smile:

It would double it.

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we would better wait because now also Linus Torvalds uses AMD

It changes nothing. There will be no two separated main kernels for each Intel and AMD … Double work.

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I don’t have the knowledge to know if making a version of Manjaro optimized for AMD cpus will help Manjaro work better in AMD cpus, but when I saw that OpenMandriva had that option, it occurred to me to ask if it was possible with Manjaro, since it is my main operating system and I am very happy since I use it and if the option to have a special version for AMD Manjaro cpus would make Manjaro work better, well I had to ask.

I think this belongs in Feature Request


You can also download the PKGBUILD files from the Manjaro/Arch repositories and build the packages yourself with the Zen optimization flags. Probably best to just focus on packages that you think would benefit the most instead of doing everything. E.g. - optimizing GIMP may prove more fruitful than gains from optimizing nano.

I’ve tried this myself a while back, but I didn’t see any worthwhile gains in my workflow to justify the compile times.

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Compiling has to justify not only optimization but it also conveys the fact that you will not do it once if you want updates. That time REALLY adds up. I gave up compiling Firefox every time there was a major update I found worth it.