Manjaro on X96 Air 100

Hi , i try to install Manjaro on X96Air100 but not successfully .
anyone can install manjaro on X96Air100? I have a similar device X96MaxPlus and successfully boot and use it but i don’t know why Manjaro not even boot on My Device.


Not sure if this will help as starting point, but maybe is worth reading.

Thank for your Proposal but i read all forums related to X96 air but there is no thread for specefic X96 air 100 . in x96 max plus everything is ok and all Images based by dtb.img linke (Emuelec , etc) but with u-boot.ext format exist problem

Hello @Sajjad

Kindly try latest AM6 image and just replace the dtb name in uEnv.ini

Best would be to know what is happening in the background when booting so for that we need some bootlogs, without this is just trial and error in the dark.

Thanks for Your response , I’ll Download latest image and try it . How can i enable bootlogs?

Wow it’s boot successfully with AM6 Image but why?

Magic hahaha.

Am6 image is using bootscript method to boot.
Just using the right dtb works.

Thank you for help , Have a good days !

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