Manjaro not recognising/unable to partition M.2 ssd (trying to dual boot with windows)

I was installing manjaro on my asus fx505dt
It has
512gb M.2
500gb WD Scorpion
8gb ram
GTX 1650
Ryzen 3550H

And during install it threw out this error

imgur com/a/ysYJbOk

I rebooted, it did not recognise the SSD
Then I rebooted again and it recognised the SSD
But threw out the same error
So I partitioned the drive through gparted but then the same error. The drive has windows on it.
The SSD is in AHCI
Safe and Fast boot is off
I am installing with open source drivers
Version is Nibia 20.2

Here is the lsblk

imgur com/a/ysYJbOk

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  1. Please read this:
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    An inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width would be the minimum required information… (Personally Identifiable Information like serial numbers and MAC addresses will be filtered out by the above command)

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