Manjaro lxqt for manjaro community

We wish to be. Part of manharo team. As manjaro user we wish to request the manjaro team to continue the manjaro lxqt nd lxde project iso to be included in community pages discontinued since 2020 post covid. We request to continue these projects in future too with sporadic updates as regular ones

Waiting for positive result from manjaro team cheers

While this :point_up: is handy, I think the best here would be @phil, or even @Manjaro-Team.

I doubt anyone in the team will pick those up, we have a lot of work already as it is, @linux-aarhus is the old maintainer and is now retired, if anyone in the community wants to step up to maintain those flavours then maybe, otherwise you can build your own images.

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Those wanting a LXQt edition of Manjaro are welcome to visit, and download Mabox, a marvelous spin-off with LXQt and Openbox.

The SbK project releases LXQt spins about once a month. Usually after a big stable update. Release announcements can be found in the Spins section of the forum.