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Hello guys, I use linux from a year now , but I have to change back to windows 10 for a month.
So I went to my sister’s pc, used rufus to make a bootable usb flashdrive, didn’t let me install windows though, it said something about legacy usb, and being stupid, I went into the bios again and disabled USB ports , and now I can’t acess BIOS anymore, even if I spam the key. The problem is not in the keyboard i promise. Is there a way to acess bios from manjaro and enable the usb ports again. I found tutorials on youtube but it shows me how to do it only on win10, by pressing UEFI firmware etc, but i don’t find an option like that on manjaro. If this topic is in the wrong spot , please don’t delete it, insted move it to the right one, i’ve never used the forum. Thanks for your time guys, I really appreciate any help.

EDIT: Forgot to mention.
Motherboard: asrock fm2a88m-hd + r3.0

Unfortunately no.

But, you can always remove the battery if you have a laptop and then remove the NVRAM/CMOS battery regardless of you having a laptop or desktop (normally another very small coin-shaped battery) and that will surely remove any settings from your BIOS or UEFI firmware, but that requires screwdrivers, so download the service or technical manual for your machine / MoBo and have a more in-depth look there before you try doing this.


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Hey yes, I searched even more and found out i have to remove the CMOS battery to clear the bios settings. Thank you alot brother!

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