Manjaro Leaf


These are sweet especially the middle one, shame it uses the new logo though. The old one is much better in my opinion.


Do you mean color, or it being squared ?
I can add or change … just let me know. :wink:

I am very controversial, I preferred it when the left hand side was split into two parts :smiley: I know, such blasphemy :wink:

No sure how the old logo would look rounded so can’t comment on that, but as for the choice of colour I think what you have gone for is great, keep it up.

Very nice, the last one especially!

like this ?

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Both of those look good. I guess the first is more inkeeping with the current style.

These are fantastic! Great work @cscs!

Thanks @tuxfan1. Just fiddlin around.

and @Koeshi … here ya go. Sorry it took so long.
I had to redo it and this actually looks a bit better to me on the colors :wink:


I like it, will have to work out how to set it as my login background :slight_smile:

Not sure why you are apologising to me, I haven’t given you anything for this and this isn’t a request forum.

You gave me Likes :smile_cat:

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Yes I did :slight_smile: I like it and you made a customisation based off me being anal about how the logo looks.

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