Manjaro lagging

Hello, Manjaro is extremely lagging when opening multiple programs and I would have to restart my pc, Programs like Chrome with multiple tabs (It happens with Firefox too), vs code and terminal
is there any painless solution?

Hi, we miss a little information here. What kind of programs? And how much in the same time?
Is it everytime or just with a combination of RAM-hungry programs?

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Programs like Chrome with multiple tabs (It happens with Firefox too), vs code and terminal
It’s every time

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That sounds like you have low ram quantity but high ram usage.

EDIT: provide your information before anything. the inxi command in the link above is the minimum to see what hardware you use.

anyway to reduce the ram usage ?

Any way you could provide the people wanting to help you with the information they request from you about your system? :roll_eyes:

these are my system specs:
Core I7 4500U
Ram 4
Kingston SSD 240GB + HDD 320
AMD Radeon HD 8500

Chrome and Firefox are notorious heavyweights. I’m afraid there’s little you can do to diminish their memory footprint. :man_shrugging:

However, you could install more RAM. With 8 GiB of RAM, you’ll already have a lot more headroom than with 4 GiB.

If you cannot get any new RAM modules for your system, then you could check on eBay for compatible modules ─ the documentation of the motherboard should tell you which modules are compatible.

More info would help… pls read the link above posted by @Aragorn

a simple swapfile or swap partiton might help your problem . people need more info to help you .

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If you have low RAM (4G is considered low nowadays for a system), the only thing you can do for web browsers is to have only one tab. Multi tabbing in browsers will eat your RAM a lot.

Monitor your programs RAM usage with a tool like htop, sort the list with RAM usage (F6 key to sort) you will see

That way you see if your RAM is full (and causing ‘lags’, and which programs eat it all or a lot.

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