is improperly set up

For a couple of updates now, and even after refreshing the mirror list, I’ve been noticing that certain packages always fail to download from, which is a mirror hosted in Germany. The error message states that the package cannot be found. Just back now, this was the case for the spectre-meltdown-checker package.

A mirror is either in sync or it’s not, and I trust that pacman-mirrors would be functioning correctly when selecting the mirrors that are in sync. But apparently, reports itself as being in sync while it’s not, and I’ve had this happen during three updates now, always with the same domain.

Whoever manages that mirror should inspect and correct their setup. :man_shrugging:

Notify them by email and keep us posted.

pacman-mirrors makes no assumption on the mirror itself but relies on the information provided in [status.json].

The mirror service relies on the content of the state file which is present in four locations on the mirror - root and branch

If the state file content matches the file with the mother ship - the branch is considered in-sync.

The mirror in question is a cloudflare mirror.

A cloudflare website is a cache of a single website and you may have had a cache hit while the cache was changing.

I don’t have any contact details for them — it isn’t listed anywhere on their site. I have sent them an email at, and it bounced. If you know who runs that mirror, then maybe you can contact them yourself. This is the message I sent them. :point_down:


On three separate occasions? That would be a strange coincidence. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Absolutely but quite possible.

I tried running a mirror using cloudflare years ago - and found it to be quite unstable - most likely the frequency used to sync upstream - is an important factor - especially on unstable branch - where changes can happen within short period.

The cloudflare cache works well for content which is more or less static and a change is not significant - e.g. spelling errors.

Of course there is other possible errors but when the result of the mirror checker evaluates positive the mirror has synced and the possible causes of your experience is either cache or file system. is also on a cdn. There we have to purge files with similar names on a regular basis. So all global tagged mirrors are normaly behind a cdn.

That is from cloudflare directly as the admin works there. So I can check with him for tips.

Yesterday between 21:00 CET and 24:00 CET the source VPS crash during rsync with pair server.
I restart it around 24:00 CET show it as ok.
Json has branches equal 1

"branches": [
"country": "Germany",
"last_sync": "00:33",
"protocols": [
"url": ""

Concerning the state file is already excluded from cache in httpd VPS and in cloudflare.

Things seem normal again for me.

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