Manjaro KDE 21.1.0 touchpad issues

Hey, so I’m pretty new to Linux and wanted to start somewhere, and after looking around I decided I liked the look and feel of Manjaro. I got my laptop dual booted between Windows 10 and Manjaro, and that all works fine. Problem is my touchpad doesn’t work on Manjaro. It’s strange because the touchpad worked fine when I was running the Manjaro live off of my USB, but it does not work on the actual installed Manjaro. I know it’s not a failing hardware issue because of it working on the live one, and also that it still works on the Windows 10 install.

And also, even though the touchpad does not work, the touchscreen does work (it’s a touchscreen laptop, Acer E5-575 N16Q2).

I would really appreciate any pointers on what could be going wrong here. Thank you!

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UPDATE: I figured it out. Kinda was really simple too. So for some reason, going back into Windows another time resulted in the touchpad being disabled (it wasn’t disabled on Windows the first time) as if I pressed the FN key to lock it, so after enabling it from the Windows side I was able to use the touchpad perfectly on the Manjaro side.

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