Manjaro in VirtualBox- how to mount the shared folder with host without using root


I have one question concering the shared folder of a Manjaro running in a VirtualBox on a Ubuntu host. The shared folder of the Manjaro guest can be mounted as root in directory /media. Is it possible to mount it continously without using the root command?

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There are two ways to do it. The first way is to add a record for the shared filesystem to the /etc/fstab on the host, but this would not necessarily mean that you’d be able to write to it as an unprivileged user (from the side of the host).

The second way is more complicated and involves setting up an NFS share, either within the guest or within the host, with the other system mounting the “remote” share via its own /etc/fstab. See the manual for possible caveats on account of permissions. :wink:

A shared folder between host and guest works both ways - so why trouble yourself with a backwards mount?

That said if you really want to do it you can do so with systemd units

  • a mount unit
  • an automount unit

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