Manjaro gnome edition 20.2 final release candidate

Please help test the newest Manjaro release.

This is likely the final release candidate before the actual release. Release is scheduled to happen this weekend, unless something surprising happens. If all goes well, this iso is practically the same as the actual release.

Changes since previous release candidate:

  • Updated calamares now supports encryption with unencrypted /boot partition.
    • Support for non US keyboard layouts in password dialog
    • Graphical password dialog with plymouth
    • up to 1 minute faster boot time depending on the hardware
  • Manjaro-hello got some new links (Manjaro discover and telegram group). We also improved the manjaro-application-utlity, but those changes are not present on this iso.
  • Gnome-inital-setup got some graphical tweaks

New features in Gnome edition:

  • gnome 3.38
    • much improved application grid
    • performance enhancements
    • improved fingerprint support
    • some redesign in gnome application interfaces
  • New tiling options in gnome-layout-switcher
    • material-shell, touch friendly and efficient tiling interface
    • pop-shell, unintrusive and intuitive tiling system (enabled by default)
  • OEM-style installation with gnome-initial-setup. Installing Manjaro to your friends computer is easier than ever
  • improved terminal fonts (read: better icons in ranger and better looking powerline if you enable it)
  • improved bmenu for system management in terminal
  • plymouth for boot animation. Enabled only for installed system, live system still shows the console output.

Download you iso here:


All good here. I used architect installation, full one.

Btw, I didnt had Gnome-inital-setup screen ( or welcome screen). Did I missed something or ?


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You do not get gnome-initial-setup with manjaro-architect. Manjaro-architect has not yet been configured for the new release.


Does this fix the problem of TLP not starting? This ISO then.

Curious if paste now works with the middle mouse button?

Yes, it should. Please test.

How to get Manjaro Hello without the new Discover software??

Hello to everyone! The gnome calendar still crashes after switching to a different year than 2020. Also i would prefer the apps in categories-folders like previous stable releases.

Hi all,

Just installed this on a brand new renoir Laptop. Runs fine, but I just discovered I am running Wayland now !!! I can’t remember I got to choose that during install… Is that intentional and moreover should it not be mentioned in the announcement?

Upgraded yesterday, so far so good.

Yep now wayland is by default but only if your graphic card can do; this mean if you use nvidia property driver this is automatically revert to Xorg. Note this change is made not only with this rc but also in the previous 20.2 releases

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What is the problem with this? If you don’t click on the button nothing happen, if you click yoiu open our “window shop” for the app we can provides… Is only a way to see what app or program can be find in our repository and since we have the possibility to install the programs via why don’t do the possibility at a new user?
Anyway not want replace our swiss knife pamac :wink:

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I tried the iso live, it seems to run flawless, but I couldn’t change the time on the calendar. So, I decided to install it instead; using calamares I installed it on a 128gb usb3 sandisk mem. The setup is encrypted root, first time I installed gnome. I am surprised that user setup is done on the first reboot after installation. So far it is running okay. Good job Manjaro team!

Thank you for feedback, we’ll try if we can get them back.


Mostly I read that release candidates use a different branch, like the testing one.
The last release date was already on stable. Is this one also on stable or do I have to switch branches

This is on stable. Usually preview builds are on testing and release candidates are on stable.

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Fixed with manjaro-hello 0.66-2.

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Manjaro-application-utility got a facelift (not included on this iso, coming to the final release):

  • Improved application list
    • password managers
    • vivaldi instead of brave
    • ventoy and popsicle instead etcher
    • whatsapp, telegram, slack etc
  • Cleaner interface, courtesy of @papajoke


@Chrysostomus: Will we see OEM gui or OEM-style installation on others Manjaro versions (Like KDE, Xfce, and Manjaro spins) on the 20.2 final Nibia release ?