Manjaro Forum Desktop app

Hey guys so I was testing out a Manjaro Forum desktop app which is powered by libelectron and it works very well so I thought it would be great for you guys to integrate into Manjaro for quick and convenient access when they need to ask questions,submit feedback etc. You could even add a quick access button it it from the Manjaro Hello application.

If you guys are interested in it than I can upload the code to my gitlab and make a AUR package which I can update and maintain :slight_smile:

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With all due respect but WHY would anyone need this, when you can already access the forum using any browser? :thinking:

A “Desktop App” as you say in this context, is nothing more as a fixed web-page that is opened using the default web-browser of the system already…

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Another electron application that consumes memory and CPU? What is the difference from a shortcut/a custom .desktop file that opens my preferred browser with the forum?


And this :point_up_2: is why I like using my browser, which I’ve already got on my system and won’t install yet another 100 odd M.B. package for the exact same thing.

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because this can be a integrated and convenient desktop application for users with a click away and apart of the system.

“A “Desktop App” as you say in this context, is nothing more as a fixed web-page that is opened using the default web-browser of the system already…”

Except it isn’t, it’s a application made for it, that would be more like me opening chrome and making a desktop shortcut, this isn’t the same or changes the coding I put into my desktop software to make it a lighter application made for each app.

“What is the difference from a shortcut/a custom .desktop file that opens my preferred browser with the forum?”

The difference it it’s not a bloated browser or a desktop shortcut, it’s a lighter application made for it :wink: :sunglasses:

Except instead of opening a heaver browser and doing more clicks/steps you open a lighter application that is like I have said to the other people made for it and will take you straight to the forum :slight_smile:

But electron itself is the bloated browser.

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Electron uses chrome/chromium, so it’s exactly the same as opening chrome, and very much the same ass opening another browser. So it’s not lighter. In fact, it’s actually heavier, seeing as it’s 100 odd M.B. of disk space that you don’t uses for the forum at the moment. And that’s for one (1) website. While you can access a lot more and do a lot more on as many websites as you want.

So no.

feel free to show me any of my software running heaver than Chrome because I know that even compared to Firefox it’s not


Not with my software, they aren’t compiled and all use/depend on libelectron dependency

That makes it more inefficient than a browser.

You have 2 electron applications both using memory and CPU which could run in the browser instead.

I’ve already tested this and it doesn’t, I made the switch from compiled due to the bloated nature of have multiple compiled apps on the system and was a concerning issue I heard from people so I eventually made the switch and now it’s the same software but now you save a looot more space. Again I have shown proof that even with multiple desktop apps I have made it’s lighter than Firefox with only 1 tab open currently. :slight_smile:

yeah but I don’t need to because they are lighter desktop applications made for the task :sunglasses:

Ok so you claim that, lets clear these questions then:

  1. What does your app do that the forum doesn’t provide?
  2. Is you app a binary application without any dependencies on other browsers like chrome etc?
    (Elektron is a browser also, just a virtual one without GUI)

If it is not, it is by definition bigger as a plain shortcut in the browser or the desktop without providing any extra benefit, except a shortcut to your app…

You keep claiming the app is “lighter”, can you provide more technical proof on “in what sense” it is lighter?

I see elecron using more CPU power than Firefox. And not THAT much less RAM. Especially when you keep in mind that (I’m betting) Firefox is being used for more than one website.

  1. it isn’t what it provides that the forum itself doesn’t, it provides a dedicated desktop app like Spotify or any other desktop app for a service for example but with this it can be more integrated into manjaros ecosystem as a official or unofficial app for it that people will have instant access too

  2. It can be but with the way I programmed it and set up my package it doesn’t need to, unlike a desktop shortcut this application is not a web shortcut. It is coded my me and made for the dedicated task.

It is lighter in ram resources and with the way I have programmed it the applications are also smaller put together compared to simple browser while not being just a website shortcut.

Doesn’t electron use node also? where is the resource data for node in that pics? :wink:

Those 2 electron tasks aren’t the same application, I have 2 different apps open and the bottom one is a different app doing something else.