Manjaro forum App

I’ve just installed Manjaro mobile App (Android), and i’ve realized there is no forum in there.
So i’m wondering if there is any plan of adding it?
If not, is there any API that we can use to build one?

I’m an a Flutter developer and i’d be interested in contributing to the development of the Forum

The Discourse forum looks and functions pretty good from a mobile web browser. Have you tried that?


Nah, but don’t you think an Mobile App would be better…

Not really.

The mobile interface for discourse is pretty good. You should try it.

So there is a Forum of Manjaro in there?

Open your phones web browser and go to

That’s not the focus of Manjaro. Don’t sidetrack it. Manjaro is an excellent operating System and they USE other tools that specializes and focuses on what they do best.

Now you lost me.
You mean i should use this website/forum via mobile browser?

if so, i’m using it now.
But i was asking about a mobile app?.

There is none. If you have to save a link to the forum on your phones desktop.

Because the forum is running on Discourse you will get an app like experience from above action.

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So what would a mobile app give you, that the website does not, at this point?
What’s the benefit of having it as an app, compared to the website?

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I don’t know man, i just wanted to contribute, wanna do something useful :wink:

I think a discourse app would be useful rather than a manjaro specific app, so you can have all forums in one app. I know discourse works really well on a mobile phone but you can’t add it to your app drawer only a shortcut on your homescreen. If you are following several different forums your homescreen will soon get cluttered

I now there’s an "official "discourse app but it’s pretty poor

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discourse is complex if it is to propose less there is no utility. to do only the same thing is already a huge work (one year ?)


This is amusing. In the past we had apps to do many things which now, frankly, work better in a browser. We have ‘web apps’ which are basically internet pages run in a container app - selecting whatever backend (firefox, chrome etc) and taking away the UI.
This is already the case for iOS. Most times instead of finding an app, you can just add a web shortcut - there’s your software. No need to start breaking out the rust code to create a complicated app to run that.

Many phone apps are little more than web pages.

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Don’t try to just re-implement something that does already exist (well, if the current implementation sucks, maybe it’s still worth doing it :wink: )

I know that kind of enthusiasm of “giving back to the community” leads to all kind’s of thoughts, but in the end, you need something that really solves a problem and has some benefit. The mobile version of discourse works pretty well so there’s probably not a lot to contribute there…

Now one of the areas where some help is needed -which somehow fits to your profile- is probably the ARM / pinephone section. There is some demand of getting applications “mobile ready”. You might need to dig into C / C++ though.


Is it official? (never came across its reference in Manjaro website). @rabichawila In case the app is not official, you can ask the app developer to add a shortcut to the forum.

What does the app do anyway?

Yes is it.

Basically it is the website as an “app”.
I never really understood the purpose (the mobile website looks pretty good in the browser already :man_shrugging: ).

Kudos to the dev. Nicely done. → but yeah, still re-implementing the wheel…

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There’s more in store, he just recently added Branch Compare to it.

Same thing though. Branch compare works nicely from any browser as well. Why would I need an “app” for it?

When he started the app it didn’t. Also he created a unique interface for it. Have you even installed the app? :thinking:

I’m not here to defend it, I just follow it’s development. If you don’t like it, then don’t use it. Some people need an app for everything. It is kind of nice to have everything Manjaro offers bundled together in an easy to use app, some folks will dig it. It also markets Manjaro a bit.