Manjaro Command!

I’m new to manjaro, what should I do and what should I not do?

and please provide the official manjaro command list because I’m using the manjaro cheatsheet it seems wrong other manjaro users are using pacman -Syu when I upgrade it’s pacman upgrade I don’t know what’s more correct

Most everything is on the wiki.

Almost everything else is on the arch wiki

pamac != pacman

They are 2 different package managers.

pamac was made for Manjaro.

pacman is the original package manager from Arch.

You can use either … some people have strong opinions about it.

Certainly, as per the documentation, you wont find any bugs in pacman.

But pamac has a GUI as well as a terminal version … and the commands are considered ‘easier’ (pamac upgrade vs sudo pacman -Syu).

pamac can also handle multiple software sources including Snap, Flatpak, and the AUR.

Depending on what that is … you might want to avoid it.
I generally find random ‘tips’ from youtubers or bloggers, etc, are full of inaccuracies and/or are often out of date.
(maybe if you share it we can appraise its quality)

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Step 1: Use Manjaro forum ('cos it’s better than Reddit).

Step 2: Just use the computer normally, and ask questions as issues arise.

Pay attention to the concept of using Snapshots and Backups.

Learn to ‘roll back’ by restoring Snapshots and Backups so that one day, if it’s broken, you could just reinstall and restore the system.

Then don’t worry too much - if you break it, no problem.

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The tutorial section of the forum is sometimes even better that the wiki

Here is my personal cheatsheet

As a general advice, as a beginner, update your system every month and read the announcements, stick with LTS Kernel and stable branch and do not enable AUR (only install programs from the repo) and after reading the above wikis you will be fine.

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