Manjaro Budgie upstream

Hello there. Before discovering - and adopting - Manjaro, I switched to Linux with Linux Mint and Ubuntu Budgie.

As for Manjaro Cinnamon, the DE’s updates come from the Cinnamon developers, aka Linux Mint. No doubt about this.

But concerning Manjaro Budgie, is it inspired from the Budgie developers, aka Solus, or from the forked Budgie of Ubuntu Budgie? Never really tried Solus Budgie, but I read Ubuntu Budgie developed extra widgets/applets/tweaks compared to Solus.
So which Budgie is used by Manjaro? A pure Solus Budgie, or Solus + Ubuntu Budgie extras?

To the best of my knowledge, the Budgie we get with Manjaro is tweeked by Ubuntu and that’s where the problems seem to emanate from.
When I reported a problem last time, Solus vehemently denied it was their issue and said it was ubuntu. ubuntu denied it too initially but then quietly fixed the bug (in Previews Control).
One main reason (not the only one) why I moved from Mint to Manjaro about three years ago was because Mint was passing on ubuntu screw ups, one of them causing a lot of data loss for me. Will never go back.