Manjaro boots only after pressing sleep button

I’ve just recently installed Manjaro and for some odd reason, every time I boot it up, it gets stuck in a black screen, with nothing but a blinking cursor. By chance, I pressed the sleep button on my laptop, and the laptop, well, went to sleep. Then after I pressed a key to wake it from sleep, Manjaro suddenly booted up all fine.

Everything works as normal after that. Except for the fact that after doing a power off, it gives me an error about unmounting some device, and says that its busy. But that appears for like a second, and my system shuts down immediately. I wonder if that causes the issue.

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You might have run into this issue:

If this does not solve your issue more info about your system is needed, please see this post howto provide it.

If the message onscreen is about oldroot it can be ignored