Manjaro ARM - rpi3 B not booting

Using 21.06 minimal.

Boots fine on rpi 4.

Unfortunately it does not boot rpi 3 B.
No led activity, no signal to screen, no ssh.
Obviously no logs to post here.

dietpi aarch64 boots fine on rpi 3 but I would like to stick to manjaro.

Could someone point me to right direction please?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. By mistake I posted same on the announcement of the release. Maybe an admin can remove it. Sorry for that.

If there’s no LED activity, it means that the board has not even started it’s own rpi-eeprom, which is started before anything else, including OS, is started.

So that would mean a dead board, if there’s no LED’s lighting up when you give it power.

Thank you replying.

The board works fine. As I said it boots on dietpi with no issues.
Led’s come up but with no activity. Just leds on.
Any pointers?

If this is true, at least 1 LED would turn on.

I am in the process of installing the minimal image here to test.

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I am sorry. I edited my post since I was not clear with the leds.

LEDs turn on. But then nothing.
I waited for 10 mins, powered off, then on again.
Rewrote the sd card 3 times. Nothing.

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An update. Rather confusing.

I’ve tried the rpi 3 with 21.06 XFCE. It boots.
But then hangs at …unwanted updates or something of the likes.

I am so sorry to bother you with all that.

Okay. All the Raspberry Pi images have been rebuilt, which should fix this.

You can find them on the website. (still version 21.06)

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Thank you so much for your actions.

I can confirm that the image is now booting the rpi3.

Be well.

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