Manjaro ARM on the Pine64 SOquartz CM4 with BigTreeTech RaspberryPi PAD 5" (CM4 carrier with DSI display)


I want do the same like this one Manjaro Arm on the Pine64 SOQuartz-CM4 with DeskPi Super6C Carrier Board but for the BTT rpi pad 5" GitHub - bigtreetech/Raspberry-Pad

without touch anything about DTS/DTD/foo, and using rk3566-soquartz-cm4.dtb as boot in Manjaro-ARM-sway-soquartz-cm4-20230403 image , all works (HDMI, ETH, USBs, Wifi/BT, emmc). except the DSI1/display and the CSI port

anyone can help me what i need to do?


You need device tree in linux kernel along with the needed driver for the chips used on that hardware.

Then it should work fine.

Hi. tnx for the response

the rpi environment is too new for me. i’m not sure what i need for start

no exist any scheme of the board, but with original rpi cm4 with raspios works out of the box(some tweaks about copy binary from datasheets.raspberrypi licence homepage and go)

is possible extract (via CLI, not handcrafted) a valid dts/dtd for export to other OS (manjaro xd) from working unit?


Depends on the kernel version you can just copy paste the dtb but there is no guarantee that it will work on another distro.

my idea is try to adquire/lend a OG rpi cm4, boot the board + this carrier into rpiOS. generate a dts/dtb, swich the og rpi cm4 to my soquartz unit, and edit the generated dts/dtd for work with manjaro (stock kernel)

you think this is possible?