Manjaro ARM on Linus Tech Tips


Manjaro ARM gets mentioned (and reviewed) on Linus Tech Tips in his newest video:

What do you think?
Is he right?


I will answer when I will finally receive mine I'm waiting since November :neutral_face:


Holy ■■■■■
That was really cute of him. And I wasn't expecting his.. very fair knowledge of the open source drivers/community.

Too bad he missed the part where, regardless of other software, firefox on linux isn't hardware accelerated c:
Otherwise it should have been able to even get frigging 4K videos to work.


Well, all this would assume that the mali driver is installed and working. And it is not on Manjaro ARM. We are waiting for Lima (the open source version) to be complete.


The review was honest and showed that when we work on it things change. Also it was good that we were mentioned and that he showed that our image had more functionality as the outdated kde Neon.

With the current 5.2 pulls in upstream Lima and Mali might be pretty good. So we still work on the Pinebook but will switch the focus in July to the Pro when our Machines for development will arrive.

So I'm happy with the outcome of this video review.


Nice review, a youtuber with more than 8 million subscriber... a huge advertising for your os :slight_smile:


I'm almost wondering if we shouldn't force enable ourselves firefox hw acceleration for the users.
On recent/decent enough cards at least.

It's totally nuts in 2019 it's still all CPU driven.


Yes i saw this as i was doing research
Trying to get into the swing of things again


Seems pretty fair.
The hardware isnt face-smashingly fast [though the build quality, as said, as pretty darn alright for the price] .. it is what it is.
But manjaro was still the best performing :smiley:

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