Manjaro + ARM + Gnome build collaboration?


I like Gnome with Manjaro. I was unable to find a supported build of RPI4 + Manjaro + Gnome. Reading some of the conversations around Manjaro, ARM, and Gnome I got the impression there were performance issues. So I followed the instructions from the “[Wiki] How to contribute to Manjaro ARM” and built from the Unstable branch. It runs great with Gnome Xorg. However, the default Gnome option seems fine until you have to type in an application (i.e. Gnome Terminal, Chromium, Gedit), it seems no input from the keyboard excepted.

Anyways, if someone is already building Manjaro + ARM + Gnome regularly, I’m happy to use their build and contribute to that. Otherwise, I’m happy to build and post the install image somewhere appropriate. If someone could get me pointed in the right direction on this collaboration this would be much appreciated.


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There’s an arm version made available from the github. If you use the manjaro-arm-flasher tool and select “github” as the image source, it will be available to flash.

I’ve been using it some on the pinebook pro lately. It works really well but it is fairly vanilla gnome. I did have success building gnome-layout-switcher, dynamic-wallpaper-editor, most of the gnome-shell-extension-* pkgs, nerd-font-noto-sans-mono and, manjaro-zsh-config to complete the manjaro theme feel. (it did entail adding aarch64 to a few pkgbuilds but, it’s been smooth sailing)

One single issue was that with multiple tries it would only set the keyboard as “iso” in initial setup. Was a quick fix in the gnome settings tool.



Have a look here, how to build your own Manjaro arm

Official Gnome images will be provided with 21.06 release.

Some dev images can be found here if you want to test it out.


I love gnome 40 I have been trying to get kodi functional with the gnome 40 raspberry pi arm build to no eval … should I be using something other than kodi-rpi?

Did you follow the guide here in post #1?

No but thanks for pointing it out

all the images are here:

you can try what ever desktop you like.
i prefer sway.

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